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Realistic Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight effectively, you must set yourself a realistic goal, which is the only way you will get somewhere. There’s no use in trying to lose 10 pounds in a week, because you will put your health at risk and such a goal can only be achieved if you starve yourself or use some weight loss supplement that promises to make all the fat go away, which it will, but then you will gain it all back once you stop.
If you are interested in long term weight loss, consider shedding about 2 or three pounds a week.
The same goes for your calorie consumption. You must calculate the amount your body needs on a daily basis. You must decide on a number that won’t cause you to gain weight, but won’t make you starve, either. For example, if you are thinking about eating 800 calories a day, you are making a big mistake. Let me tell you why.
An average person needs to eat over 1000 calories a day, to maintain basic body function, to go about his daily life and to exercise. Now, by eating 800 calories a day, you will run out of energy really fast and you will be dying to eat something, anything, even if it’s junk food.
If you want to have the right amount of energy for your daily activities, you must eat between 1200 and 1600 calories per day. Don’t think for a second that fatty foods are the only ones that can make you feel full, just try whole grain bread and fiber-rich foods instead. You can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables, because they will help you shed weight faster and because of the fact that they are low calorie, you can eat as much as you want, without exceeding your daily calorie limit. For more on unique hoodia pills check this link.
The reasons behind weight gain are more complicated than you think. It can be the result of several mental factors. For example, some of us find comfort in eating certain kinds of food, unhealthy ones, most of the time. Some of us even eat because of boredom, because our relationship ended or because of many other, personal motives. We also eat because we are used to it, for example, when it’s late at night and we’re watching sports or a movie on TV.
But if you really want to lose weight you must break free of these bad habits and try to do something else, instead of eating. Or if you can’t, try eating fruits and vegetables or something else that is healthy, instead of the usual junk. Think of it this way: every time you slip up, you are sabotaging your weight loss efforts. See the hoodia side effects.
There’s another thing you must do and that is keeping track of your weight loss efforts. This way, if you notice that you are not shedding weight as fast as you want to, you can change your diet or exercise routine, in order for it to have the effect you desire.

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