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Dianabol Side Effects

Understanding the possible Dianabol side effects can influence your decision to use it or not. The side effects aren’t going to be the same for everyone in terms of what they are or how severe they are. The body chemistry of the person, how much Dianabol (read this alternative - D-bal review bodybuilding) that they take, and even how long they take it all influence what they will be affected by.

The most common side effect is water retention. Many users of Dianabol use other types of steroids though along with this one to help reduce the bloating. Men seem to suffer from it more than women due to the process of converting the steroids into estrogen. The female body is used to high levels of estrogen but the male body isn’t. That is why another side effect can develop for males called Gynecomastia. This is the process of the breasts becoming larger and becoming very tender.

The problem can be permanent unless the male undergoes surgery. While there are higher levels of estrogen in the body with Dianabol, there are lower than usual levels of testosterone for males. This can result in low libido, ED, and more health concerns. Many men take testosterone while they use Dianabol to help reduce this type of side effect from occurring. There are some serious Dianabol side effects that can occur and create problems for the overall health of the individual. They include blood pressure being higher than it could be. This means the pressure that moves the blood through the body is extremely high.

This can make the heart work much harder than it should. It can also cause permanent damage to the arteries as the blood flows through them. Cholesterol levels that are lower than normal can be associated with the use of Dianabol. This can make it very hard for the body to regulate fat and other elements in the body. Anyone that already has issues with their blood pressure or their cholesterol shouldn’t use Dianabol. The risk is just too great that it can create irreversible damages to the body. 

The liver can be damaged with the use of Dianabol and that means it can’t function like it should. The liver is responsible for many important parts of keeping the body healthy. When someone uses large amounts of this steroid or they use it for a long time, the liver isn’t able to function like it should. This means that toxins that would normally be removed from the body are allowed to build up. They can get into the bloodstream and create serious health problems.

 Anyone that has problems with their liver shouldn’t use Dianabol as the risk is too great. It is always a good idea to test the liver before using this type of steroid. It is also a good idea to test it at regular intervals during the process of a cycle. Should you notice any yellowing of the skin or your tests come back positive for liver damage you need to stop taking it immediately.

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